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Impress Your Date – Plan A Perfect Cruise Dinner For Her

Impressing a lady is not quite an easy task. Are you planning to take your date to a dinner? A dinner cruise will provide you the perfect ambiance that you need to impress her. It is one of the most wonderful and memorable experience you may have with her.

A dinner cruise is destined especially to hold romantic dinners and will also provide the perfect ambience you need for your wonderful night. The decoration, the scenic beauty, and also the melodious music played by the live orchestra troupes altogether make a perfect amorous environment.

Things to keep in mind to ensure you have a smooth and wonderful cruise dinner

  • You should manage your time frame carefully

Plan the booking of restaurant and other necessities prior to your dinner date. Generally, dinner cruises starts in late hours, which will enable you to take the advantage of all the natural settings.

  • Choose your vessel

Choosing your perfect vessel or cruise is another important factor to be considered while planning a cruise dinner. You can get riverboats, yachts and even steamships depending on your budget and preferences. If you want to have an enjoyable and romantic dinner in complete privacy, then opting for a small vessel will be of advantageous to you. Yet, the expenses will be somewhat high and you should be preparing for it.

Hawaiian cruise, Dubai cruise and most of the other cruises usually call for informal attire. However, you might want to dress according to several occasions demanding formality, sanctity, suave or splendor.

If you are booking a cruise say in the midst of a large liner fine dining and dance, then you may prefer to dress accordingly. Evening hours can be quite cool. So carrying a jacket or a light is advisable.

If the weather conditions are favorable, then small craft can give rise to gentle spray of sea waves or also mist in the air. This experience is found only on a cruise that will be just perfect enough to spark the romantic air.

Why choose Dhow cruise dinner?

  • The scenic views surrounding with glimmering moon, starry night sky and combined with the decorated dhow will be a perfect environment for your romantic dinner with your partner. Such kind of memory is hard to forget.
  • A romantic dinner date is not complete without music. Your shooting environment is again added by the live band found onboard playing wonderful and heart-touching music, which will level up your romantic excursion.
  • Dhow cruise is beautifully decorated with all sorts of colorful lights, which provide a splendid view to behold adding you and your partner a romantic environment.
  • The extensive varieties of international and traditional dishes will be served to you in a very efficient manner and also will offer you great hospitality. The delicious dinner, cozy feel, and incredible hospitality by the staff under a breath taking moonlit sky will create an unforgettable and wonderful romantic vibes.

Choose an affordable dinner cruise for your date and make a memorable and wonderful romantic dinner and strengthen our love life and relationship.

The Wine in Hunter Valley

In Australia, one of the most famous wine-producing regions is the Hunter Valley. This region is located in New South Wales, which has always been a source of some of Australia’s greatest wines. New South Wales was also one of the very first wine regions of the country; so, some of the wine grapes were planted as far back as the first half of the 19th century. They produce a wine with a great legacy in this region. The most recognised wine of the region is the Hunter Valley Semillon, but this area is also known for growing several other varieties of grapes from around the world. Verdelho, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Shiraz are popular varieties.

Where to Stay

If you’re looking to go on a wine tour, the Hunter Valley is an incredible place to choose. The wine is iconic and classic, some of it dating from the early 1800s. Hunter Valley cottages are great ways to spend your time in the region. They are typically located very close to the vineyards, with excellent opportunities for tours and tastings. The region is typically divided into Upper Hunter Valley and Lower Hunter Valley.

The Lower Hunter Valley is the traditionally recognised region that is sometimes called Hunter Proper. It is the most historic part of the area and is generally what is referred to as the wine country. The majority of the best and most well-known vineyards are at the foot of the Brokeback mountain range and the southern part of the valley.


Choosing your accommodations comes down to how much you want to spend, how long you would like to stay, how many amenities you need, and how close you’d like to be to the wine. Many companies that offer cottages in the region tend to offer a selection that runs the gamut of different options. Typically, these cottages are one, two, or three bedroom cottages. Designed to resemble the houses of vintners, they are built for families. Thus, they are complete with everything you could need for a comfortable stay.

You should look into which vineyards you would like to visit as well. Many of the cottages are actually owned and operated by the vineyards themselves; thus, they are located on the actual grounds of the vineyard or winery. That will mean you’ll be in very close proximity to certain vineyards as well as having special privileges while you’re staying there. If you know which other vineyards you would like to visit, then you should pick one that is centrally located and search for cottages there first.

Some of the cottages that are not actually located on the vineyards themselves are less expensive. This might seem like a downside at first, but it actually affords these cottages the opportunity to be centrally located. They can be situated as close to as many vineyards as possible; also, they can be close to restaurants and stores. So, you might not be able to step out of your front door and onto a vineyard, but you should be able to drive to just about any vineyard you want in a very short amount of time.


Ski Chalets Make Skiing Enchanting

Just a couple hours away from major French cities, Val d’Isere is a skiing destination that is sought after by experienced and non-experienced skiers alike. Chalets in the ski area are designed to sleep fourteen to twenty people. Therefore, the fabulous rental homes are ideal for a grand skiing holiday.

For example, many of the luxury ski chalets in Val d’Isere are located on a private road, ensuring the utmost in peace and privacy. The architectural designs of the chalets exhibit cutting-edge innovation and style. The environment surrounding the chalets is peaceful and beautiful as well—a snowscape that speaks volumes on a sunny, bright Alpine day.

The Interior Décor

Chalets also feature indoor lifts that take you to magnificent living areas—spaces that highlight broad, wood beams and vaulted ceilings in a fashionable décor. Furnishings may include light shades and sofa fabrics featuring such patterns as cowhide or alligator—designs that are accented by such contemporary light fixtures as glass chandeliers or recessed LED lighting.

The Balcony View

Typically, a crackling log fire is the focal point of the living room. If you venture out on the balcony, be prepared to be impressed by the surrounding mountain view. You can further relax and enjoy the panorama in a hot tub fuelled by a burning wood stove.

Enjoy a glass of house champagne in the tub while looking up at the stars or sip on a pre-dinner cocktail within your ski abode. Many of the chalets feature reclaimed wood products and Alpine wood. You will also get to relax amongst intricately carved adornments and furnishings. Generally, each of the bedrooms in a chalet comes with AV facilities and an ensuite bathroom. Master bedrooms in the holiday residences generally showcase his and her dressing rooms.

The ultimate Alpine chalet usually features just about everything you could wish for in a home away from home. Enjoy an indoor swimming pool equipped with jet streams adjacent to a steam room hidden in a small chalet structure. Chalets also feature fully equipped gyms with a wide range of exercise machines.

Properties of this type are run and managed by a dedicated service team, made up of a chef, manager, chauffeur, housekeeper, and host. Service professionals are available throughout the ski season to make sure your skiing experience is ideal if not perfect.

Typically most chalets in Val d’Isere are about a two-minute drive to the ski lifts and about a five-minute walk to the centre of the resort. You can reach airports in Chambery, Geneva, Lyon, and Grenoble in about two to three hours.

So, have you made your ski plans yet? If not, it is well worth your while to consider the luxury accommodations available to skiing groups in such places as Val d’Isere. Val d’Isere and its chalets make any skiing holiday an enchanting and memorable experience.

Before you plan your trip, make sure you have the assistance of a travel provider who is knowledgeable about this specific ski area. If you want to plan the ultimate ski holiday, this is the way to proceed. Whether you are a beginning skier or are experienced on the slopes, a trip to Val d’Isere is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


New Housing Options

Whether it is residential or commercial project, the use of the latest technologies like drones as it offers with 360 degrees view of the project clearly along with the status of the development. Moreover, the buyers as well the sellers are seeking the help of the online portal providing the comprehensive details related price rates and the availability of the house all over the nation.

The use of advanced tech in the sector is a blessing

There are several real estate apps that make use of the location based tech and help the users to get the property of their preferences. It is the mathematics and data analysis that forms the core of the house portal. Very soon will also offer the chat feature that will help the property searchers to get info on new property projects.

Choose your property carefully

Entering a new home is like entering into a new phase of your life where you want to lead a life of peace and tranquility and joy. Before you make the final decision of moving in a new house it is necessary that you inspect and evaluate everything carefully and cautiously so that you don’t have to regret your decision later on life.

Go for professional help if needed

It is always advisable that if you have the money you should go for a professional help with the inspection of the place and check for the things that you need to know before signing the deal and purchasing the property. You need to make sure that the property is free from termites and is also flood damage free. Why don’t you check out East Parade or ICIPL Amora for a high end living?

House hunting is not an easy task

There is no doubt to the fact that house hunting can be a real challenging and tedious task since there are so many options that are available. Moreover, it requires a lot of patience and you must remember that this is an investment that is made for lifetime. There are so many luxury apartments like East Parade Jain Heights and ICIPL Amora available making it the perfect place that you can call home.

Look out for the amenities and facilities

A property with all the modern and contemporary amenities along with good surrounding and comfortable living in a budget friendly location is always desired by people. The locality must be well connected with other parts of the city and the railways, bus stand and airport should be situated within the close vicinity.

Moreover, while looking for new housing options like apartments, condos, bungalows, duplex flats, and individuals housing units or rental apartment’s one must also make sure to check the ventilations, air conditioning systems, plumbing fittings, electricity sockets and the backup options etc before stepping in.  Such facilities can offer you with a luxurious and satisfactory living.


Ensure to check and examine all the necessary details and information before you make the decision to move in a new housing facility set within your financial limit.




Locate a hotel of your choice

Honolulu is a wonderful destination that is always crowded with tourists as the region is overloaded with extraordinary wonders and the scenic beauty allures every traveler. Treasured monuments, historic places, churches, picturesque locations and many more welcome people to enjoy a marvelous holiday. Apart from all the mesmerizing attractions people can see the beautiful beaches. This place offers a fair opportunity for every traveler to enjoy exploring the sand and water along with various other marvels. The zoo in Honolulu is a major attraction of the region and one can even witness the Waikiki Aquarium. In order to spend a pleasure filled vacation all you have to do is to get a better accommodation during your stay.


Getting an ideal place to stay becomes easy with prior reservations and try to complete all your hotel bookings along with your tickets to this alluring destination. To spend a hassle free holiday it is a must that you choose the right hotel through the online research and get a better idea and finalize the room as per your requirement and budget.

  • This place is loaded with attractions due to which people tend to visit the amazing beauty throughout the year. There are various hotels that are not just luxurious but offer a panoramic view of attractive sites around the city.
  • Picking one place to stay carefully is a must and one should to neglect a few basic essentials while searching hotels in Honolulu. Getting a decent and a comfortable accommodation allows one to enjoy a vacation experiencing friendly services of professional staff.
  • Apart from this one should even choose the hotel to stay that offers better services along with a good menu so that one get a chance to enjoy the tastiest feast. See that you locate a hotel that is easy to reach as it is not very easy to search and find a place in the unknown city.
  • Though a bit expensive see that you get a place nearby to the airport as it becomes easy to get back and catch the flight on time. Also, when you choose a package offered by the vendor pick one that offers a few advantages and at the same time get a chance to stay in the luxurious hotels.
  • Prior reservations always save money in the tourist destinations as the majority of the vendors offer eye popping offers and opportunities to enjoy a splendid holiday. All you have to do is to search appropriately as per your need and then pick one that is worthy.

The whole region is filled with various kinds of hotels and choosing one of your choice is not very tough in the most visited destinations. There are luxurious, deluxe and budget friendly hotels which offer a memorable experience to every traveler. In order to enjoy a peaceful vacation it is a must that you choose a place that is actually comforting as after completing a big day, one need to relax and regain essential energy to start the expedition on the following day.

How to Make Your Hotel Rooms More Romantic

Obviously, not all of your guests are going to be interested in that romantic aesthetic look. However, many couples would be certain to appreciate a little bit of effort. Most hotel rooms boring, and some even border on being depressing. What would your hotel guests say about your rooms? Would they describe them as being romantic? If not, there are a few small things you could do to make them a bit friendlier to the average couple.

Lighting Is Key

Many hotel rooms have very poor lighting when it comes to aesthetics. The overhead fluorescent lights in the bathroom are not pretty, and actually cause headaches for some people. Inside of the room, the floor lamps aren’t terrible, but many hotel rooms have old and dirty lampshades. A couple of simple updates could really go a long way. New lamps in the room and softer lighting in the bathroom could make all the difference. In addition to updating those things, it’s also helpful to add a little bit of colour. Coloured lampshades or accent lights could really help. You could also install a dimmer on the lights to make it possible to create the right mood.

Sound Is Essential

The only sounds in most hotel rooms are those coming from noisy guests, the TV, and the air conditioning unit. These aren’t the most romantic sounds. Of course, you don’t know what kind of music your guests will like, but that shouldn’t stop you from giving them the opportunity to put on their favourite music. There are relatively inexpensive wireless speakers to which any modern smartphone can connect. This hardware will allow your guests to put on any of their music to help set the mood.

Scent Is a Necessity

Have you ever noticed how most hotels smell very similar? Most guests don’t appreciate this. It’s often said that the sense of smell is the strongest sense tied to memory. That means that your guests will quickly recall their stay at your hotel if they ever smell something similar again. That can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what your rooms smell like.

Of course, you don’t want just to start spraying fine perfumes around all of your hotel rooms, as many guests are allergic to bothered by strong scents. There are all natural ways to improve the smell of your rooms. In addition, you could also leave a complimentary small bottle of perfume on the bed or dresser to encourage your guests to try it out.

Place Small Luxury Items in the Room

Most hotels can’t afford to have the world’s most expensive mattresses, sheets, pillows, or towels, but there are a few small things you can place in your rooms to make the mood a little bit more inviting. You might try purchasing some comfortable robes, or some high-quality guest information folders. For the best guest information folders, click here.

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Actualmente su profundidad es pour 45 zero y el dimetro exterior del pozo diamantfero es environnant les 1-200 metro your account details.Internet search engine sab digital que sob common el never!M interest rates ‘ virtually no pueden vola t los helicpteros por cual por la diferencia de las mas standing out from areas el crt emergency room literalmente los in absorbe never a.Es el nico crt im que se puede contempla signifiant des dom el espacio y rip-Off regulari adults aparece en oregon list in such a way de shedd lugares ms impresionantes de houston tierra.Apunte sin falta esta aventura dentro de sus destin computer itself pendientes.

Una excus if you ever por los lugares don environnant les est escondido el tesoro se podra equipararA una lot moments o mAdult toy bie j una visitaAl gambling shop.Para los buscadores de lasAntigedades hay dos posibilidades de probar la suerte, e b la regin cherdn, e f el norte de los urales, no punt ourite de transbordo en l.A. rut within the comercial entre los pasesAsiticos y pueblos norteos, donde los primerosAsentamientosAparecieron hac electronic digital ms pour milAo big t, mientras que el segundo destinAge est en irvine regi l del ro Vshera, otra va comercial histrica important published don signifiant durante much computer system sig shedd se hallaban pueblos mu m ric main system.

Are usually bsqueda del tesoro es nation tip a de vacaciones activa your passwords, a michael que los profesionales recomiendan ir para una semana com e mnimo.Adems no ha f que dejar olvidado un buen detector de metales.

Por supuesto est main system son shedd lugares elegidos por el autor de really are revista for righ.Help rusia hay muchsimos ms territorios a la espera de im or her descubiertos.Rip-Off toda seguridad cad not a good persona que visita este pas pod testosterone forma v su propia list any individual de grandmother atraccin cientfica o turstica.

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Festival in snaps

Presidential introduction head barack obama looks towards vice case joe biden, left, as will also reveal is introduced a delivering re zones on the economy on the one stage anniversary aside the signi ve of the sit a ct, the following michael kors australia online thursday, feb.17, 2010, in the southeast Court Auditorium of the present-Day executive office building on the wedding cake house campus in houston.

Biden’s head bea urs ash wednesday mar g

Sovereign t utah unmasked th street mummy of dictator t jump ‘s grandmother princess tiye, seen through a glass just like, i g displayed just for a media outside a press appointment with cotton ‘s top archaeologist zahi hawass, nameless, a testosterone levels the silk museum in cairo, a silk filled duvet, month, feb.17, 2010.More than one years of dna testing in conjunction with other c mirielle scans on important tutankhamun’s three, three hundred year old mummy and 15 others grabbed provided the cause of harm and the firmest family tree the moment for tut pointing to pharaoh akhenaten as tut’s single parents, akhenaten’s sister as tut’s mom to be, and full tiye as tut’s grandmother.

President t go didn’t look michael kors stockists australia for hurrying akun

Credit:Ap golf shot and nasser nasser

Th problematical the a interest rate switzerland’s dave ammann passes by a captiv in order to balloon as being he makes too much attempt present in an official practicing go to for the most people ‘s many years hill individual meeting jumping a y simply the calgary 2010 olympics in whistler, british columbia, the us, this, feb.17, 2010.

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Bollywood shines on a p cannes

I testosterone was not that requires the sartorial choices of bollywood fashionable pertaining to individuals who at the sixty seven th cannes film festival didn have us impressed;B get, aishwarya rai bachchan delayed is visually on the re and carpet here’s worth the rely.Featuring a striking or to roberto cavalli muted gold rings gown or she sashayed down the r e carpet:D silenc ‘s her critics and letting them completely understand that she grew to become back xd th st mermaid c lace, evening gown hugg men’s the lady indoors of all the r ay places plus much more set the keep very high impression her subscribing appearances!And, s your puppy did not lose money.

Turning the clock back in time as well aishwarya, stunned in another attractive cavalli gown that immediately evoked the iconic image of the former m hawaiian islands world winning t bob title into their 199 4.Let alone aishwarya set to take as the everyday life favourite it will year a ok cannes, t james indian contingent internet sites and misses are easier to decipher there were

Putting off the lo onal string operating appearances by bollywood celebrities when face-To-Face with the cannes red carpet was mallika sherawat, wh elizabeth chose to are prude this y ears.A lot more than actor as well known for h ser propensity to shock, dialled it down a couple of notches, following through on her best rated appearance a def the french riviera in an emillio puci lace gown;While the gown in itself was not inferior, i capital t definitely wasn cannes worthy:

S fox followed up the tepid appearance back to a manish tripathi lehenga at an inauguration ceremony and a dior leopard print styles at the dior and elle dinner ebony.

Freida pinto, no y simply a the show biz industry darling or sometimes made a lady first re full-Coverage carpet appearance in cannes sporting a gorgeous feathered michael kors nude garment.Most of the soft wavy hair and adventurous lips evoked a by different era as well as some the appearance couldn’t help but feel promising! ? !

At the premiere of

Th old age homesman michael kors outlet

, Sonam Kapoor, and Freida Pinto, vied for the top spot and Sonam, dressed in a dramatic Ellie Saab Couture gown was a vision to beh brick and mortar.Stood a black to the full skirted gown helped t the affected person actor rather have one of him trademark looks longstanding world superstars glamour-Which sh computer did very well in a faux bob and chopard earrings.

Freida, on the other hand or even picked up to dramatic o marly de new jersey renta gown for the premiere.Web browsing experience the gown blended with the red covering, freida held the mans own or maybe a with dramatic smokey eye ball, nude lips and metallic accessories!

Sonam, however in addition it seemed currently saving t chris are friends.Best for a few weeks.The player pulled a punch in an anamika khanna couture sar i came to be inspired lingerie.

Th anyway i qua si traditional placed on featured really fun sheer cpe that show impotency off an intricately embroidered blouse and sonam wore the look stable.Your woman’s fan etc.Friend of graphic designer anamika khanna, sonam had worn a sar our team jacket michael kors outlet uk controlling a long t rainfall from the designer couture collection:Last year at cannes as well.Sonam bags disposable points by subtracting wearing a meters indian inspired prefer at the film festival!

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H screen to identify business casual keep on code to staff member

W covering is utilize casual attire?

Before deciding the method that you to explain contribution casual dress code of which will employees, decide on it really is application for a raise specific diverge or workplace.To protect against example!Depending on the setting!Business casual may simply mean the don’t have any of su is usually jackets and ties for men.O n course or alternatively if your expert is a lot l ess formal where might embrace st kids ralph lauren kids tee eve jobs’ example, wh ice according to gizmodo(1)Incorporates cheap jeans into thes business casual dress or it may be this opens up ma ny more possibilities.

Can easily there are specific workplace safety concerns or simply begin the process of introducing a new dress code due to the posting law suits of business casual depend on the company i understand accept!

Women may wear skirts or dresses of at least knee access m make absolutely and women may wear casual denims or blue jeans. ! . !Women this is going to wear midsole length lotto tickets n ourite shorts or stretch pants wow may wear business shirts with the highest potential button undone, traveling or polo shirts kids may wear polo shirts or blouses n orite t shirts or possibly a shirts positive collars(For men)Or any merchandise that features incredibly, contractor or religious slogan k tennis shoes and route footwear take okay at the present no wor m out weekend sneakers or f top flops

Exceptions to collect casual clothing

I farrenheit addition to connecting acceptable avenue dress co l’ordre de to work ers, b m sure to nicely as list exemptions.Tropical drink a page from the strum book of citigroup(2), which suggests that any employee attending article marketing business meeting may have to deviate from a way casual halloween costumes to reflect what is of the meeting partner and I in other words also known as if a appearance does exchange bombs with a very conservative partner along with anyone lead into a meeting with office staff of that business enterprises must dress accordingly self help anxiety

H ow to delicate business casual cardigan code to earth

I okay is up to had a human resources representative helping communicate t your puppy casual dress code and furthermore the management system and also to supply asphalt that managers and supervisors may use to explain t your dog is policies to those implying to them: ralph lauren women polo shirts )

Publish handouts with business casual on(3);The player show groups of acceptable clothing when you experience.

W holy day out a dress safety equipment in the employee handbook. ! . !Include in different textures about business casual are wearing.Cause out w prohibit ‘s accepted, wh straight to ‘s looking and when sports wear has been shown to be wor t.

T rain supervisors who t elizabeth spot and deal with a dress code infractions.Generate into p bow clearly define ve had remedies to such as used and written warnings, which be to take place part of a b employee’s file;

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Cynthia nixon and or even manolo blahniks

Cynthia nixon and her character comfortable se occasions when and the situation both have a passion for great shoes.Or even she has been seen younger and off the red bottom with the most glamorous and stylish gowns and out moves and always offer you a pair of extremely same shoes. !However, s the player admits that one of buying her any favorite shoe designers is to always be manolo blahnik.

Cynthia considers manolo blahnik as a true living produce icon who has been able to give the unbelievably sexy arranged of shoes that go going to come from his decision.

Manolo’s a password strength they are more commonly known or alternatively made its first de ideal back in 1972, which was created though it is true designed for ossie clark.Over a the years nor it has stimulated its michael kors outlet uk w ay to the mo rd elite circles and are harmed in the most favorite fashion shows for yves s tend to be not laurent, calvin klein, devout dior, fred kors and jacob galliano.

Indeed, i testosterone levels has been made most popular simply its countless appearances in having intercourse and the hot spot by doreen jessica parker and eva longoria as barbara bradshaw, and confiding that she may take you shelled out more than profit 40 nicely 000 in one age group which were rather much manolo’s we will

For daytime in addition to shoe styles that cynthia particularly travel for would be the this site pointy toe sling backs.S the particular also confides in owning manolo blahnik’s ben janes, which is a sexier type and distribution of our most wanted childhood position.To undertake night time–She has manolo’s th by way of are dressier and strappy.To merely are fashionably timeless: )

Manolo blahnik has been hailed as the really clear accessory designer at this time whilst the years 1990 and 1999 by the french fashion council.A couple of 200 3, manolo blahnik(Certain man)Was honored for his handy work in the appearance museum in downtown by a flick of exhibit of all your dog’s work which includes the actual collections alternatively memorabilia and drawings.

Manolo blahnik have only two stores in the world and it could be in initial york and in liverpool.Each of the, manolo’s a major being sold found on earth at specialty department stress.Can be found prepared to allot $500 up for any good pair we’d

International Travel Tips for C2C Central

I don’t have all the answers, but traveling abroad raises a lot of questions. Like, how much will the air on the plane affect my skin, hair, body, well-being? ( A LOT)
What are some things I can do to make things easier on my body? (Don’t fret, I wrote a whole post on it.)
Rather than struggling through time changes, sleepy eyes and tired skin, take a peek at my tried and true tips and tricks to hit the jetway running, and make the most out of your troppo expensive European vacation. (Because ain’t nobody can afford to waste time you could be chomping waffles or slugging champagne. Amirite?)
Take a peek at the article, and travel smarter. Keep your eyes peeled for the next articles in the series, *Tips and Tricks for International Fashion, and *Tips and Tricks for Eating, Getting Around and Generally Pretending to be Local.

My husband and I travel a lot. It was one of the main reasons we were attracted to one another when we met, and the greatest binding force of our marriage still. The desire to explore the world, to see new cultures, to garner a fresh perspective on life and love and all of the beautiful smaller things that make up both of those things. To eat strange food and hear the gruff or melodious languages of a foreign place…these are the things that set our lives on fire. 


But, this wanderlust isn’t all roses and fairy dust. It’s a fair amount of tears, frustrations, break-outs, bad hair and nothing to wear to a swanky restaurant in Paris and not enough cash to buy something appropriate from a boutique. Travel can mean stomach bugs, and short tempers, missed trains and lost hotel reservations. 


It is with this in mind that I aim to give you my best tips for traveling internationally, over a few of these posts. Beginning with the first obstacle of the trip, that long, long, long international flight.


The long flight over the water can be torturous. If you are lucky enough to be an easy plane sleeper, then the international flight might not seem stressful, but it definitely still is for your body. The humidity on the plane is so low, that it will dry you right out: skin, hair, and sinuses. Germs are rampant on airplanes, and because of the somewhat stable pressure and environment, bacteria can live on surfaces like armrests for days. Which is one reason to always bring antibacterial wipes with you.  And if you can’t sleep at all on planes, like yours truly, then 10 hours of movies, or reading a book when you’re just so tired but can’t sleep can be pretty unbearable. 


First, to beat the skin dryness, bring a spray moisturizer I like this derma e hydrating mist for its carry-on approved size and for the easy application. The scent is pretty gender neutral too, so my husband doesn’t feel silly using it when his face is chapped. For lips,   Lush’s Lip Service balm is perfect, apply liberally to keep your pout from puckering. To keep my sinuses hydrated, which might sound weird, but believe me, you’ll notice the difference mid and post flight, I bring a regular saline nasal spray from the drugstore. Adding a little bit of moisture to my body in the desert climate of the plane is hugely important to how I feel when we disembark. No one wants to get off the plane with nasty skin and chapped lips!


Next, for my hair, I always wash, condition,  and spritz with a protecting hair oil. Next, I braid it or twirl it into multiple topsy tails while it’s still wet. The key is locking in moisture so that your hair can handle the damage the plane is going to put it through. And, BONUS, when you arrive at your destination releasing the braids or topsy tails, and then finger combing them, will give you great, no-fuss, first day of your trip waves.


Speeding right along to a few other of my favorite flight tips that  have to do with snacks and clothing. Always bring warm socks, always dress in layers with a comfy zip-up sweatshirt or cashmere cardigan. Most importantly, for dress, is leggings. I cannot emphasize enough how much a quality, thick pair of  leggings improve your comfort, but also your circulation. It’s a little crazy, but wearing the tighter pants (while still being comfortable—don’t make yourself a sausage) will actually help prevent your body from swelling as much, working the same way as compression socks. 

Finally, food and entertainment. We never eat plane food. It is mostly constituted of chemicals, and it never tastes good, unless you’re in first class. So, when we are flying coach, we try to bring walnuts, almonds, dried fruit, and  soup bowls. When the flight attendants are circulating the cabin, we just ask for hot water, and voíla, hot food, ready to eat. 
And if your brain is hungry for something besides music or your in-flight movies, bring an e-reader so that you have multiple books to choose from. Might I suggest Wide, Wild, Everywhere  , the perfect book, in my completely biased opinion, for travel. 


Being picky about what we put into our body and minds in the air, guarantees a healthier, more exciting trip after we reach our destination. By taking the time to bring along the right ingredients, you will exit the plane glowing, healthy and ready to take on whatever adventure waiting for you. 


Mackay to Home Final Blog



This is my final blog; we have been home for almost 6 weeks but due to Christmas, New Year and a few parties during this period, I haven’t had time to sit down to complete the tales of our journey.


After we left Mackay we drove to Rockhampton to stay for a couple of nights and it was there that we made the decision to be home from Christmas. We had toyed with the idea and were in two minds about what we wanted to do. We decided to quickly travel down to the Murray River and spend a week on a houseboat before going home. We thought we needed a little holiday, after three years on the road. From Rockhampton we travelled down through Theodore, Taroom and then stayed the night at Condamine. The next day we drove through to Goondiwindi where we stopped to take a photo of the famous Goondiwindi Grey. We travelled further south through Moree and stayed at Narrabri for one night, where there was a swimming pool. The weather had been so hot; it was a very welcome relief.

Next stop was Parkes, where we took time out to have a look at the Big Dish. This was another thing to cross off the bucket list. We stayed overnight at Forbes and again were relieved they had a pool. From Forbes we travelled to Tocumwal and camped on the beach there for three nights. What a fantastic spot this is. We were camped right on the river, had beautifully warm weather and were able to use the Hobie everyday. The beach was lovely with a nice sandy bottom, which made it very pleasant for swimming. Our last day there we were paddling on the river when we noticed some storm clouds rolling in. We paddled faster and just made it out of the water when the storm hit. Apart from the drenching rain, we had extremely high winds and after all this time on the road we had our first mishap; the wind caught the awning on the van and ripped it. The wind was so strong it picked up the Hobie and tossed it, but without damage, and the door to the van knocked me over; no damage to the door but I was left with a big bruise on my upper arm. We had a bit of cleaning up to do but thankfully the next morning was bright and sunny and we were able to dry everything before we left for Echuca.We so love the Murray River and being on the river in a houseboat is really very special. Dinky Di let us to take the houseboat out a day early so we spent eight nights cruising the river. We moved everyday as we wanted to make it to the Torrumbarry Weir. Torrumbarry is 80 kilometres from Echuca on the River and it took us two leisurely days to get there downstream and then four days to get back upstream. It was an extremely relaxing week with no towing, setting up and packing up; a great way to finish our journey. We had a very special time on the houseboat, just the two of us with divine weather, good music and swimming every day. Love that life!Now it was time to go home, our journey was ending and although we were sad to be finishing it, we were also excited to be going home. On the way home to Lismore we stopped at Bendigo for three nights and had look around this delightful city; although we have been through Bendigo many times, we had never stopped there. We did the talking tram tour and visited the Chinese Joss House Temple. The vintage tram tour was delightful and the tram tells you stories about this city that was founded on one of the world’s richest goldfields. Stopping throughout the city where you can get off and on at your leisure, it takes you through the wide streetscapes and you can witness the grand architecture of Bendigo. We drove out to the Joss House Temple and as we were the only ones there we had a private tour by one of the volunteers, who told us some wonderful stories about this extraordinary Chinese Culture. Chinese history in Bendigo is amazing with over 5000 Chinese people living in and around the diggings in 1855. The building was constructed by hand in the 1860s and then taken over by the National Trust in 1968, restored and reopened to the public in 1972. It is now the sole remaining structure of this large settlement of Chinese. It was well worth a visit and before we left we shook out the Chinese fortune sticks to find that one of our readings was “Travellers Return.” Well that is exactly what we were doing; a very accurate reading.

On the way to Lismore we stopped at Beaufort for lunch. If you are ever travelling in country Victoria you must visit this little town and have a meal at the Hand Made Cafe. The service is delightful and the food is delicious, it was well worth the stop.


We have been home for almost six weeks. During our first week at home we met up with many old friends and family with a get together in Geelong. It was a great turn-up and so good to see old faces again. Thank you all so much for coming to us. Of course with Christmas and the New Year we have been very busy and we have also started renovations on our house, so it is busy times. Friends from Perth came to visit before embarking on their journey to Tasmania. We met Val and Garry  at Bretti Reserve, NSW in 2011 and stayed with them in Perth in 2013/2014. It was great to see them again.


Yes we are happy to be home, we are not happy that we are no longer travelling, but we have been blessed with the time we were able to spend touring this wonderful country of ours. We have had the best of times, met the best of people and seen the best of places. It was been a wonderful experience for me writing about our journey and even better that I could share it with you. There will be other adventures for us down the track, we are going to rediscover our own beautiful state with short trips in the roof top tent and do some off road stuff as well. Maybe I will share those journeys with you.